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FAQ's - Landlords
  • How will my Property be advertised?
    Your property will be advertised in our Rental Guide which is displayed in our office, available to the public, it is also sent to the Department of Housing and applicants who are currently interstate and looking to relocate to Alice Springs. Our TV display in our office front window scrolls vacant properties after hours next to our static window display which are well lit and visible to all traffic. Your property will be listed on four major websites – in addition to this, we will also put a “For Rent” sign at the premises.


  • What is your tenant selection process?
    All potential tenants are required to complete our Tenancy Application form which to provide us with their current & previous rental and employment references. All references are thoroughly checked and we enquire on the national tenancy database to see if they have defaulted or caused damage in their previous rental history. Once these checks have been completed you will be contacted so we can discuss the references with you, we ensure you are involved in the decision making process as to which applicant will live in your property, however we will offer our professional opinion and experience to assist you with your decision.


  • How will my property be inspected?
    Periodical Inspections are conducted every 3 months (your tenant is advised what they need to do to prepare for their inspection). Once completed you will receive a comprehensive written report including photos by email accompanied by our expectation to attend to the necessary maintenance. You will receive a follow up phone call to discuss requirements arising from the inspection.


  • What happens if my tenants fall behind in their rent?
    The tenant is advised at the time of signing the lease that we have a zero tolerance policy to rental arrears. The arrears report is checked daily and if your tenant appears on this report, the Property Manager will contact the tenant. If necessary action will be taken in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and we will advise you of all actions taken.


  • Do I need to have Landlords Insurance?
    Although it is not compulsory to have Landlord Insurance we do strongly advise that all owners have insurance in place which needs to include public liability insurance (If you are the owners of a unit your Body Corporate Insurance will not cover you for public liability inside the property). Landlords insurance is used to protect you should your property get damaged or your tenant defaults on their rent payments and are unable to remedy this loss. Your most highly recommended tenant may one day become your worst due to circumstance changes in their lives or their personalities. The possible unpleasant experience arising from this can be reduced by having adequate insurance.


  • Who is responsible for paying Power & Water charges?
    Unless otherwise stated in the Body Corporate agreement in the case of Unit Complexes, all tenants are responsible for the cost of power (including the connection fee), they will need to contact Power Water to have the power connected at the property in their name. The lease agreement gives an allowance of 500KL of water per annum in the Northern Territory, if tenants exceed this allowance the cost may be passed on to them for payment at the current Power Water rate.


  • How often can I receive my Rental Income?
    Rental income can be paid to you at mid-month & end of month or just end of month if requested by you.


  • How do I get my Monthly Statement?
    At the end of every month we will send you a copy of your monthly statement either by post or to your nominated email address as specified in your Management Agreement.


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