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TICA Privacy Statement

Prestige Property Management uses National and International Databases including TICA for background checks on tenant’s rental history. The decision to rent to the applicant is governed by the findings on the database. Should a negative result return form the Database you will be informed of the finding to give you the opportunity to make good the issue with the Agency from which it arose.

The Privacy Act requires that any organisation that collects information on individuals must take the reasonable steps to make those individuals aware of what will happen with that information and how to contact that organisation. This statement has been prepared for the benefit of the following groups-
• Members of TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty. Ltd.
• Individuals who make a tenancy application.
• Individuals who engage the service of a property manager.
Under National Privacy Principal 1.3 (a) an individual must be made aware of an organisation and how to contact it. TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty. Ltd. (herein referred to as TICA) is incorporated in the state of New South Wales. TICA is a service provider to the rental accommodation industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom that collects information about tenancy applicants and tenants who breach their tenancy agreements. Under National Privacy Principal 1.3 (c) we advise that the information collected by TICA is passed onto members on TICA who use that information in processing a tenancy application. TICA can be contacted on 190 222 0346 call charge $5.45 p.m. including GST.
Under National Privacy Principal 1.3 (b) an individual is able to contact TICA and know what information if any that is held on an individual on the TICA database.
Under National Privacy Principal 1.3(d) an individual is entitled to know what organisations have access to their information collected and disclosed. Members of TICA only collect information that is required of them in order to gain a useful and better understanding of the tenancy applicant. The information collected by TICA is only used by members of TICA for the purposes of assessing a tenancy application. TICA does not provide any information that it collects to any other individual or company for any purpose other than assessing a tenancy application other than those government departments and or agencies allowed by the Privacy Act to obtain information from TICA.
Under National Privacy Principal 1.3 (f) you are entitled to know what consequences if any exist if all or part of the information is not provided by an individual. In the event that an individual fails or refuses to provide the information required by a property manager then the property manager may elect not to process the tenancy application until the information is provided. An individual should also be aware that whilst the information remains outstanding the property being applied for may be passed onto another tenancy applicant for consideration.
TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty. Ltd.

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